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Seven Steps to Living a More Passionate Life

Seven Steps to Living a More Passionate


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Self-Empowerment Coaching

I know how hard it can be to change and usually we do not do it unless there is great pain or disappointment involved. Self-Empowerment Coaching is all about taking charge of yourself and transforming your life for the better! How willing you are to take the steps necessary to do it is entirely up to you; however, if you are ready to commit, I can help. My coaching sessions offer you an opportunity to set and achieve personal goals, while developing yourself in the process.

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Self-development takes a tremendous amount of effort and commitment and even though it is an individual journey for us all, there are a lot of benefits to learning through group coaching and collaboration. This is why I conduct classes and programs to communicate powerful information that can be used in conjunction with my personal services, or all on their own, for anyone looking to improve themselves and their lives.


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Tarot cards are a valuable spiritual tool used to tap into your subconscious to show how it plays a key role in the way you think and feel and how this affects the choices you make. They present a deeper, more insightful way for you to take charge of your life and empower yourself! Getting a tarot reading can be a great lead-in to my self-empowerment coaching services or simply a way for you to find a bit more clarity in your life. Find out about all my Tarot offerings

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“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you,none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher, but your own soul." - Swami Vivekananda


Hi, I'm Giselle...

I created the Self-Realization Foundation in 2008. It began as a dedication and labor of love in remembrance of my mother who was my best friend, mentor, and inspiration. After years of struggle, determination, hard work, and much sacrifice, while giving her all to her three kids, my mother began pursuing her own life-long dream of becoming an actress by working in local community theaters. She genuinely enjoyed the journey she was embarking on. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to a terminal breast cancer diagnosis that led to her premature death.


In order to move beyond the pain of losing my mother, I realized that I not only needed to find my own talents and aspirations, but I also wanted to be able to share them with others. That is why I am deeply passionate about this business, my life, and continuing to honor my mother by using my natural abilities in assisting individuals with their own journeys and pursuits. I know that life is filled with many difficulties for all of us and with the experience of having lifted my own self back up from a deep depression and a highly abusive and dysfunctional relationship; I now have the expertise to help others to learn how to empower themselves, no matter where they are in their lives.