We all have it within us to be able to empower ourselves, no matter what. Unfortunately, society many times promotes a kind of victim mentality. Even those in our lives with the best intentions can continue to generate this idea of co-dependency and struggle. It does not have to be this way…and it should not be this way for anyone!  Anything worth doing takes a strong will to stay positive, be proactive, and continue to forge ahead, even when you feel you do not have the right resources or support, and everything seems completely hopeless. What I know is that if you dig deep within yourself to let go of worn out ways of thinking and living, you can garner the motivation and courage to find what makes you tick. From there, you have an opportunity to ignite your own passion and create a more fulfilling life for yourself. This is exactly what my workbook can help you figure out, one step at a time. It is not my story, it is yours. As you work through the book and do the assignments, you will start to uncover your true self and become more courageous, more confident, more motivated, more independent, more creative, more inspired, more compassionate, and much more fulfilled overall! Life can be just what you want it to be, however, it takes a genuine desire, a worthwhile incentive, and lots of determination…so why not start today and Take Charge of Your Life…It All Starts with Yourself!

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