Tarot Services

I see tarot not as a psychic practice to foretell the future, but as a personal spiritual tool to assist any individual in growing in mind, body, and spirit. These cards offer deeper reflection to our daily lives and our interactions with others and ourselves. They are a great source to tap into to build our intuition. Anything we immerse ourselves in and study, will eventually allow us the ability to become an expert in it. The tarot cards grant us as individuals, the opportunity to evolve from within and become a master of ourselves.


Individual Readings

My tarot readings offer a person not only an intuitive, unbiased, and outside perspective on whatever they may be thinking, feeling, and experiencing in their lives, but also deeper insight into understanding and finding resolutions to whatever situations and/or trials and tribulations they are going through.

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Tarot Course

I offer a course on how to read the Tarot. You will discover how the Tarot convey both a spiritual and psychological message about life, as well as learning the meanings of all 78 cards. This course will also focus on how to build your intuition by uncovering a story-line, as you begin putting the cards together for a reading.