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Self Empowerment Coaching Services to Assist Women Toward Their Own Sense of Worth & Independency

Take Charge of Your Life...
       It all Starts with Yourself!

Meet Giselle

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

I created the Self-Realization Foundation in 2008. It began as a dedication and labor of love in remembrance of my mother who was my best friend, mentor, and inspiration. After years of struggle, determination, hard work, and much sacrifice, while giving her all to her three kids, my mother began pursuing her own life-long dream of becoming an actress by working in local community theaters. She genuinely enjoyed the journey she was embarking on. Unfortunately, it was cut short due to a terminal breast cancer diagnosis that led to her premature death.


In order to move beyond the pain of losing my mother, I realized that I not only needed to find my own talents and aspirations, but I also wanted to be able to share them with others. This is why I am deeply passionate about this business. I know that life is filled with many difficulties for all of us and with the experience of having lifted my own self back up from a deep depression and a highly abusive and dysfunctional relationship; I now have the knowledge and expertise to assist other women with their own empowerment, no matter where they are in their lives. 

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Support That Makes a Difference




Surrendering Fears


Getting Unstuck

Letting Go


Moving Forward







Complimentary 30-Minute Coaching Consultation

An Introductory 1/2 Hour Session for 1st Time Clients

Let’s Get Started

"Great experience! I hired Giselle as a life coach to help me find my true passion/career as well as craft my resume. Her enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging; you can tell she has a genuine passion for what she does. It was an extremely motivating experience. I walked away with a clear direction and a drive to continue in that direction."

- Carra Lacagnina

"After spending a great deal of money on a professional resume builder company and being completely disappointed I decided to hire a life coach as per a friend's suggestion. I hired Giselle. She was instrumental in not only fixing numerous faults of the original resume writer, but she also helped me with applying for jobs. She also took the time to teach me new computer skills. Also, her fees were reasonable. I would recommend her for anyone looking for a genuine life coach."

-Mary DeMatteo

"I was so stuck in a rut and completely disorganized personally and professionally. A friend told me about Giselle and suggested I contact her. After the initial consultation, I decided to sign on for some coaching. She not only collaborated with me to get organized but during this work she also took the time to talk on a deeper level about my concerns and aspirations. I feel grounded in myself again and ready to continue where I left off before I got so discouraged!"

- Stephanie Taylor

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