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Coaching Services that Empower Women to Realize Their

Worth and Embrace Their Authenticity

Meet Giselle

Self-Development Coach & Confidant

The individuals I work with are courageous women seeking to be in charge of their own lives. Their objective is to rediscover their true selves and cultivate a genuine sense of self-acceptance. They understand the significance of embracing personal changes that will not only enhance their self-confidence but also foster more of their own self-reliance, regardless of their relationship status. 

My guidance and assistance are aimed at relieving women from stress and anxiety by shifting their mindset and improving their daily habits, allowing them to cultivate more peace of mind that directs their focus towards gradual self-empowerment. I specialize in supporting women who may be feeling stagnant or are in the midst of life-altering transitions, such as relationship complexities, divorce, or grief due to personal loss. My collaborative efforts are also designed to empower women yearning for a more personally fulfilling career or embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship. I also work with women who simply want to uncover their own creative passions.

As a young woman beginning my own life's journey, I tragically lost my mother to breast cancer. In the aftermath, I naively fell into a controlling, isolating, and abusive relationship. However, through an immense amount of soul-searching and self-realization, I discovered the strength and courage to break free from that toxic situation. I prioritized my healing from grief and worked diligently to challenge my self-deprecating mindset, ultimately recognizing my true sense of self and the life I want to lead. Each day, I commit myself to learning from past mistakes, ensuring that I remain true to my optimistic and free-spirited nature. I am not just a coach, but a self-empowered woman who walks her talk.

Support That Makes a Difference




Surrendering Fears


Getting Unstuck

Letting Go


Moving Forward







Complimentary 30-Minute Coaching Consultation

An Introductory 1/2 Hour Session for 1st Time Clients

Let’s Get Started

"Great experience! I hired Giselle as a life coach to help me find my true passion/career as well as craft my resume. Her enthusiasm is contagious and encouraging; you can tell she has a genuine passion for what she does. It was an extremely motivating experience. I walked away with a clear direction and a drive to continue in that direction."

- Carra Lacagnina

"I hired Giselle as a life coach and signed up for her 3-month program. I have found Giselle to be knowledgeable, reliable, and enthusiastic. Her enthusiasm and genuine interest in my life goals have been extremely encouraging and motivating. I intend to sign on for more sessions!"

- Beth Goodman

"I was so stuck in a rut and completely disorganized personally and professionally. A friend told me about Giselle and suggested I contact her. After the initial consultation, I decided to sign on for some coaching. She not only collaborated with me to get organized but during this work she also took the time to talk on a deeper level about my concerns and aspirations. I feel grounded in myself again and ready to continue where I left off before I got so discouraged!"

- Stephanie Taylor

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