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Meet Giselle

A Passionate Life Coaching Professional

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I created the Self-Realization Foundation 15 years ago. It began as a dedication and labor of love in remembrance of my mother. She was my best friend, mentor, and inspiration. After much sacrifice for her family, my mother finally followed her dream to act. She joined a community theater group. The experience was empowering for her! Unfortunately, her new beginning was brief. It ended with a rare form of breast cancer that took her life too soon.

My mother and I had a very close bond. Watching her succumb and slip away was the most painful experience I had ever gone through. Regardless, I was fortunate to have had a strong and ambitious mother. She overcame a tough past and two difficult marriages. All the while remaining true to herself and providing for me and my two brothers. She was such a positive, loving, and inspirational force in my life! Because of her love and guidance, I have always been an independent woman as well. She instilled in me the inner drive to pave my own way for myself. Shortly after my mother died, I was so lost that I gave up in a sense. I had no real purpose anymore. I started conforming to societal norms and becoming more confused about my place in this world. I allowed others to influence me into what they thought would be best for my life moving forward. I realized that it was actually pushing me further away from what was in my heart. I felt a deep longing to do something to honor my mother's spirit and give back in my own way all she had given to me.


Picture above is of my mother doing what she loved most, being an entertainer.

I was so lonely and depressed that I decided to start my life over and begin with a clean slate. I knew I had a lot of soul searching to do. So, I quit my job and let go of my entire lifestyle including all material possessions, family, and friends. Unfortunately, being as naïve and downhearted as I was, I ended up going down a dark, and hazardous path. I wound up in an abusive relationship with a troubled man. Trying to help him, I lost track of my own life and soon found myself trapped in his world of hardship. I even at my lowest point found myself homeless with this man!

What's important to know is that I would not be the person I am today if it were not for all that I have seen. All that I experienced while keeping my head on straight and my eyes wide open! Throughout it all, I was able to remain empowered enough to continue forging ahead with my goals. Little by little I was pulling myself back up. Applying another of my innate skills, I became a self-employed cleaner and organizer. I did this while continuing to grow my coaching business. Even though it took me 8 years to get out of that relationship, it did help me to realize how resilient I am! I am grateful that I was able to keep my personal integrity intact. It made it easier to move past that threatening and confining time in my life. As difficult as this journey has been for me, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. All the things I have gone through have helped me to further develop from within. I grew to understand life and others by staying honest with myself. My challenges have made me more self-aware and emotionally intelligent. I have since reached even higher potentials than I did before I went through these hardships.

I am proud of what I've set out to do. I dedicated this business in honor of my mother because she taught me to be brave, strong, and stay true to who I am. No matter where I may be in life! In fact, my aha moment came from a comment my mother made to me many years prior. It was during a poignant conversation we were having near the end of her life. My mom wanted to do something special for the two of us, so she decided to prepare a nice dinner. Despite our Italian heritage and her mother being a great cook, cooking was not my mother’s strong suit. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit of a culinary disaster. I knew it was a disappointment for her, so I assured her that it was a delicious meal and I loved it. At that moment she turned looked at me, sighed, and said, "Giselle, you have always been my biggest fan."


As my mother pointed out all those years ago, I've always been a life coach. It's my personality. It's who I am. It's in my nature to want others to succeed and feel good about themselves. My desire is to be able to assist women toward their own empowerment. Those that want to create more fulfillment within their lives. We all at any time have the ability to choose what is best for ourselves. The hardest part is getting started and making that solid commitment. I understand how tough it can be to want more without knowing how to achieve it. My coaching helps women discover their strengths and build a life that’s true to them and what they want.


So, why not finally muster up the courage to take that first step toward your own happiness today. Get in touch with me and let's chat. Believe me, you can take charge of your life and it all starts with yourself!

​​Wishing you all the best,

​​​Giselle Buonomo,

Self-Empowerment Coach & Confidant

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