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Embrace Your Worth and Ignite Your Feminine Power

Rewrite Your Story to Live Life on Your Own Terms

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Presented By:
Giselle Buonomo,
Self-Empowerment Coach & Confidant

My self-mastery program, 'Embrace Your Worth and Ignite Your Feminine Power', is invaluable in helping you break through to your personal journey towards happiness. The step-by-step process in this program will enable you to reexamine your priorities, uncover and develop your creativity, encourage you to find the confidence and motivation to broaden your horizons, support you to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, and inspire you to make those positive changes that will yield more of your own fulfillment and success. Here is a breakdown of what each course in the program will focus on:

Course Details:

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Course. 1: Discover Yourself

This is the beginning of your journey, with Course 1: Understanding Self Realization & its Importance in Your Life. Turn your attention from others to yourself and begin to see your individuality. Stop living just to please others and step out of your comfort zone to start taking charge of your life.


Course 2: Find Your Purpose & Begin Setting Goals

In this class, you will venture further with Course 2: Awakening to Yourself. Start asking yourself questions that will enable you to know what makes you tick. Begin to change your routine and let go of people and situations that are one-sided and unhealthy. Set some goals and build the motivation to go after them.

Course 3: Become Your Own Authority

The next step added to your path is Course 3: Constructive Rebellion. Take a stand and find your voice, the secret game plan to achieving success on YOUR terms. Become your own individual with the courage to “walk your talk”. Boost your confidence in being yourself!


Course 4: Balance Responsibilities & Cultivate Passions

This class focuses on Course 4: Accountability & Creativity. Build proper boundaries to instantly improve your important relationships; even with the most difficult people. Find more "me time", lighten your stress load, and generate the freedom and concentration to unleash your creativity.

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Course 5: Improve Emotional Intelligence

In this class, you will dive deeper within yourself with Course 5: Inner Evaluation. Understand and energize your mind, spirit, body connection. Learn how to identify and accept ALL your emotions. Let go of your past and focus on the present. Think, feel, and act better as you grow from within.


Course 6: Develop Healthier Coping Skills

You move along with Course 6: Resistance. Push thru your tendency to resist change and discover how to keep your motivation on track. Let go of unhealthy habits and incorporate empowering ones. Handle life’s challenges with determination.

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Course 7: Pause to Sharpen Your Vision

The focus is on patience with Course 7: Passivity. Find out how to go with the flow of life and prioritize the activities that make your goals rewarding and achievable. You will also develop self-discipline to be able to deal with the inevitable chaos of change.

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Course 8: Achieve Self-Empowerment

In this final class, there will be a discussion on what you are experiencing with regard to inner & outer changes, as we come full circle in Course 8: Attainment, Completion & Renewal. We will pull it altogether and celebrate your success. In reviewing your progress and lessons learned, you will set the stage for new horizons.

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