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Personal Empowerment Package


Every woman has the ability to empower herself, regardless of circumstances. Unfortunately, for too many of us it may feel that having a truly fulfilling life is not only impossible but unrealistic. Maybe you work a steady job to make a comfortable living and yet you have an urge from within to broaden your horizons, but because of your uninspired position as well as the limited perspectives of those around you, you are constantly reminded that life is hard, and you should count your blessings for what you do have. Maybe you have ventured onto a somewhat pioneering path for yourself, but the constant uncertainty, insecurity, and insurmountable obstacles have dimmed your passion and you’ve found yourself settling because you just can’t figure it out and you’re disillusioned with it all. Maybe you’re married or in a relationship that offers you financial stability; but not much else. You find yourself lonely, stressed, anxious, bored, and emotionally unfulfilled hoping to find more connection and personal happiness. Maybe you are going through a difficult life transition such as a divorce or death of a loved one and you are at that soul-searching level, hoping to pull yourself back up AND feel renewed in a more positive and inspired way. Maybe you have worked all your life and the kids are grown and out of the house or you are now retired and hoping to finally start creating more of your own authentic lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the status quo many times perpetuates a kind of oppressed mentality for women. Even if we should be lucky enough to have those in our lives with the best intentions, we may still face a sense of co-dependency, inferiority, and struggle. Unfortunately, whether we like to admit it or not, we also undermine ourselves, and even one another, for so many reasons. The number one being that many of us lack a real sense of self-worth and confidence from within. Regardless of whether you are in a relationship or single, it is your life, and YOU should be able to decide and be fully supported to figure out how you want to live it. Despite progress, there remains an imbalance between men and women in all aspects of life. Women are often underappreciated and taken for granted both personally and professionally. From a young age, many of us are taught to find a partner and live happily ever after…but what exactly does that mean? Women are not really given the knowledge, the tools, or even that essential and primary self-esteem driven foundation to know how to figure out who we are and what we want and deserve from our lives.


This lack of groundwork makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for many women to pursue progressive pathways. Additionally, women face internal and external battles to appreciate their femininity while maintaining their authenticity in a masculine-oriented world. Women's lives can be challenging and complex to say the least! Believe me, I know! Anything worth doing takes a strong will to stay positive and be proactive as you forge ahead, especially when resources and assistance are limited, and everything seems completely overwhelming! What I know is that if you dig deep within yourself to let go of worn-out ways of thinking and living, you can garner the motivation and courage to find what makes you tick. From there, you have an opportunity to ignite your own passion and create a real sense of your own worth that will build more of your confidence, and self-reliance. This is exactly what I can help you figure out, one step at a time. As you progress through this personal empowerment package, you will be uncovering your unique personality and becoming more courageous, more confident, more motivated, more independent, more creative, more inspired, more compassionate, more abundant, and much more fulfilled overall!

My Self-Development Coaching services are designed as a step-by-step process to help women to create a more meaningful and happy life for themselves. This means that it takes time for my clients to progress in their sessions with me. First, it is imperative that there is a working relationship established between us. Next, there needs to be a personalized strategy that is co-created by both of us and then steadily executed by the client. Results are measured by the client’s responsiveness and actions. There are no quick fixes; therefore, the best results are experienced through gradual understanding and implementation. Through my years of coaching many women, I find that one of the biggest dilemmas is having enough time to form that collaborative coaching relationship and see my clients generate real and lasting progress in their lives. As a result, I developed this comprehensive 6 month personal empowerment package. This self-mastery coaching package consists of structured courses along with one-on-one individual private coaching sessions to offer any woman the time, knowledge, and ongoing support they need to develop themselves and incorporate beneficial lasting change in their lives.

This Personal Empowerment Package is a worthwhile investment in developing yourself, while offering you a truly positive life-changing result! It provides you the confidence-boosting component to be self-directed through each step as well as the added and much needed factor along the way of support from an experienced and knowledgeable professional. I believe that both of these elements are what will lead to your own self-empowerment going forward in your life! I know this works because I created it from my own relentless perseverance as a woman who has made many mistakes and yet has had my own back and remained true to myself throughout my life. My great passion has always been to live my life according to my own terms and I offer my hard-earned expertise to any woman who feels the same about herself and her own life!  

You CAN Take Charge of Your Life and the most important aspect to keep in mind is that…

It all Starts with Yourself!

Check out the Three Steps of this Personal Empowerment Package, below. If you click on any of the 'Learn More' buttons, you will find all the details to each step: 

Step #1:

Take Charge of Your Life Program.jpg
The first step in this Personal Empowerment Package is going through my Self-Mastery Program 'Take Charge of your Life...It all Starts with Yourself'

Step #2:

Habit Change Program.jpg

The second step and as a bonus in this package, you will also be enrolled in my class entitled, 'Five Steps to Make or Break any Habit Permanently'

Step #3:

Coaching Meeting.png

The third step is working one-on-one with me in private bi-weekly coaching sessions 

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